Restaurant Guide for Raleigh NC from Spencer Properties Real EstateIt’s Wednesday and it’s time for lunch in the Spencer Properties office. And just like a group of elementary school kids would do, everyone grabbed their lunch boxes on queue and gathered in the center of the office. If anyone was caught still at their desk, they would be harassed until they finished that last email or phone call. We don’t like it when someone misses out on a much needed break. All for one, one for all!

Our dining accommodations here in the Spencer Properties office are similar to what you’d see in many of today’s homes. We have four dark grey fabric covered high bar stools for kitchen counter seating, four matching chairs around our dark wooden dining table, and it’s standing room only in our bright and cheerful kitchen for anyone else who might be in the office that day. The ones eating while standing say it helps with digestion. They are also the ones late to lunch.

For 30 minutes (sometimes less, sometimes a wee bit more), we don’t talk about work. We talk to each other. With each other. This particular day, it was someone’s wedding anniversary, so everyone starts throwing out great places to eat. Now, close your eyes and imagine the scene. Actually, scratch that. You’ll need your eyes open to read what happens next. Our restaurant suggestion banter sounded like a great beginning to of one of those old jokes … “a millennial walks into a bar. She asks the grandpa of the group where he suggests they go to dinner …” and the rest is blog worthy.

Kara is our twenty-something millennial with a wicked sharpness for everything social media and marketing. Everyone needs a Kara in their office, but you cannot have ours. She’s truly something special. Without pause, she suggests one of her favorites: Relish Craft Kitchen and Bourbon Bar in Raleigh. She loves their menu and fantastic location. Go check it out for yourself, take a cool picture and then tag Spencer Properties for our Facebook and Instagram page. She loves adding to our “squad”. Millennials still say that right? Mmmmm k. Moving on …

Our buyers agents, Misha, Brooke, Andrea and Paula are always out on the road – so spotting great places to eat is their specialty! (Actually, finding you your perfect home is their specialty, but for this blog entry, that didn’t quite work. Just go with it.) Misha was the first to chime in with her suggestions of the Raleigh Times Bar and Brio Italian. Brooke enjoys Bruno’s in WakefieldCaffe LunaSola Coffee Cafe, and Jubala in Lafayette Village. Andrea can be found at Zest CafeCoquette in North Hills, Second EmpireCapital Grill, and Main St. Grille Cafe in Wake Forest (she especially loves their bakery). Paula really enjoys the Irregardless Cafe downtown Raleigh and she often attends brunch at the Iris located in the NC Art Museum. It became very clear that our agents know everything food related – from fresh baked muffins to blanquette de veau. I had to look that one up. But muffins, I knew.

Patty, Kelli and Cori were all so different in their suggestions – from area to type of food. Patty kept her list focused in Raleigh, listing Salt and LimeBad Daddy’s Burger BarFirst Watch for breakfast and Humble Pie. Kelli set the bar high for fine(r) dining with her suggestions of Saint Jaques, the Tavern at Second Empire, and both the Chef’s Table and Wild Turkey Lounge at the Angus Barn. Cori lives in the Cary area so she wanted us to try her favorites: Doherty’s Irish Pub and RestaurantChanticleer Cafe and BakeryFull Moon Oyster BarSalem Street PubSkippers Fish Fry, and Stellino’s Italiano. Wow … what a selection! Hold on – Kelli is back with another one – “don’t forget the Hayes Barton Pharmacy Cafe.” Don’t worry, Kelli. We didn’t.

Lisa was unusually quiet during this lunch because she was busy enjoying a gorgeous homemade salad that should be listed as one of the 20 best autumn salads ever pinned on Pinterest.  She is a wonderful cook, and many times, we are treated to her delicious creations here in the office. So even though she rarely goes out to eat, Lisa shared that she enjoys going to Big Ed’s at City Market. I bet Big Ed would love one of her recipes. Somebody tag him in this post. Can you do that, Kara? Perf. (Short for “perfect”, right? Boy I hope so.)

Jennifer and her husband, John, were great contributors to this conversation … both on anniversary celebrations and restaurant selections. These two are foodies. They are big on experience, and they’re huge on ambiance. Dining with these two is an event – and it’s spectacular. Jennifer rattled her suggestions off so quickly, it was like she gets asked this all the time: Driftwood Southern Kitchen at Lafayette Village, Azitra42nd Street Oyster BarCowfishThe Empanada Factory in Wake Forest, The PitSasool in RaleighNeomonde in Morrisville, and the Stanbury.  You may run into her at some of these places, and she’ll be quick to give you her “best picks on the menu” suggestions. (That part didn’t make the blog … shhhh. I’ve surely exceeded my word allotment already.)

Remember the ‘grandpa’ I referenced in the “millennial walks into a bar” story from earlier? Well that grandpa is our very own beloved Mark. He’s seated at the table, nonchalantly listening carefully to everyone’s grand ideas for a “great” restaurant. I could see the smirk on his face growing as he was formulating his perfect response. He was quietly waiting, patiently preparing to strike {make note that a casual transition to a new conversation was about to begin … and then this doozie} “Listen up. Here’s what you do. Order the wings at McKinley’s in Clayton. It’s .55 cents a wing on Sundays and the Guinness is on tap. It doesn’t get any better than that.” Then he popped a mini snickers in his mouth, packed up his cooler bag and went back to work without another word. With one minute remaining in his 30(ish).

By now, you’ve gotten a little taste of what it looks like at lunch time with the team at Spencer Properties. We talk. To each other, and with each other. Many times without even a moment of silence and often times full of laughs. And that’s exactly how we “do lunch”. We are a team that is definitely driven by food and fun, with only one or two of us driven enough to load the dishwasher (or unload!! sheesh!!). So maybe the next time you are wondering where to eat, and someone says the ever-annoying “doesn’t matter to me … you choose”, plug one of our suggestions into your nav and try it for yourself. Better yet, go without the route guidance and wing it … getting a little lost, old school style, is a great way to explore. And if you get a little turned around, we’ll help you get home, but be sure to call us at lunch time. You’ll have 14 people to offer suggestions on the best way back. Lots of suggestions.

Jill Kuhn is the Client Care Broker at Spencer Properties. Be sure to follow Spencer Properties on Instagram and Facebook. You can even send along your blog ideas to because then she gets to spend time writing and not unloading the dishwasher. Again. Sheesh.