What We Love About Raleigh: As Told By Spencer Properties’ Summer Intern – Kate 

Raleigh is a great city with an abundance of things to do. The city is known for its great food and nice weather, but there is more to it than just that. Here is a list of some of my personal favorite things to do in the place I call home!

Downtown Raleigh Is Where It’s At

First is downtown Raleigh, it has a large array of things to do from eating, to visiting museums and you will always find something fun to fill the time. Some of my favorite places to eat include Beasley’s Chicken and Waffles, The Pit, and Pizza la Stella. But if you’re not hungry, I would recommend taking a trip to visit one of the many wonderful museums.

For kids they have Marbles Museum, a great museum to teach kids about all sorts of subjects. I grew up in Baltimore so this museum brings back memories of Port Discovery in Maryland. Another one of my favorite museums is the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. With tons of hands-on learning and constant updates, the museum is always a family favorite! 

Lastly, downtown Raleigh is home to the Red Hat Amphitheater, where you can watch all of your favorite artists perform as the sun sets in the background of the stage and the Cree Shimmer Wall twinkles behind you. 

Umstead Park For When I’m Feeling Outdoorsy

Second, is Umstead Park. With its eight scenic trails, William B. Umstead Park is a great place to go for an adventure in the outdoors. Every year my cousins and I go for long hikes and have a picnic there, and each year we absolutely love it! You can embark on long 13 mile hikes or even short and simple .40 miles. No matter what you choose you will enjoy the beautiful walks and scenic lookouts. Hikes aren’t the only things they offer, you can camp, boat, fish, bike, and more!! There is plenty to do and if you enjoy the outdoors you will enjoy Umstead. 

North Hills Is Retail Therapy Heaven 

Lastly, take a visit to North Hills for a relaxing evening of window shopping and great food. I love to go there with my friends and watch movies at the Regal Cinema, and get an amazing dinner at many of their restaurants. They have lots of cute boutiques and even a Target! They host lots of fun events like the farmers market and live music. Take a load off and enjoy your evening in North Hills, a great place for families and adults alike. 

So if you live here, or are just in Raleigh for a visit – there are plenty of things to do, no matter what your crowd is!

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A note from the Spencer Properties team

When deciding to move to the Raleigh area, it’s important to consider everyone in your family’s opinions–even your youngins! Our Summer Intern, Kate is a student at [Cardinal Gibbons High School]. She and her family moved to the Raleigh area [14 years ago] and since she has found so much to love about her city. Know that just like Kate, there is plenty for your little ones, or even little, young adults to explore, do and enjoy in the great City of Oaks. Have questions for Kate or our team? Please reach out!