5 Ways to Beat the Raleigh Rain
Are you waking up every morning for the last month or so with the song by the Eurythmics just playing over and over in your head? You know, the one about “Here Comes the Rain Again”? Wait, you don’t know this one? Oh dear. What age range are we hitting with this blog?!? Look it up, please. Regardless, let’s all try to get through this wet spell together, what do you say? Here are our TOP 5 ways to beat the rain – aka: survive a constant monsoon and keep your sanity.
1. Get those endorphins going with exercise
We know, it’s hard enough to get motivated to go to the gym on a regular day. Now are we telling you to go when it’s all gloomy and sopping wet outside? Yes! That’s exactly what you need to do. Head over to your favorite gym and get moving – and no, you don’t have to make it a whole day trip. Just plan to spend an hour or two getting your body moving to activate that bucket of endorphins – you’ll instantly feel better about the fact that we’ve been living in a grey cloud for the past month. Anytime Fitness is open 24/7 so you really can’t use the “I don’t have time” excuse, and the big LifeTime Fitness on Falls of Neuse Road in Raleigh has a One-Day pass you can use to try the place out if you are not already a member. They even have a hair salon, a eucalyptus sauna and an indoor pool. Think about it – a great workout and some quiet time in an essential oils steam bath just screams happiness. Tip: save your trip to the hair salon for a sunny day – this rain and humidity would kill a fresh new blowout.
2. Go climb something
Another indoor activity that is sure to keep you nice and dry is heading over to Triangle Rock Club on Duraleigh Road in Raleigh. They have all the equipment you need and after just a few attempts, you will be well on your way to being the next climbing sensation of Raleigh! Or if you decide to get real fancy without the proper training, you could be “falling on my head like a memory” (And good thing I looked up the lyrics. I always thought is was falling like a melody. Apparently not.) Another idea is heading over to Warrior Tech OCR in Morrisville. They have everything you need to become your own version of a Ninja Warrior! With classes for kids and adults, this might be just the perfect dry outing that puts a smile on your face despite all this rain.
3. Get the gear to stay dry
Okay, first, how cute do you want to be in the rain? Are you looking for more of an uber fashionable drowned rat look, or are you just trying to pull of the plain old utility dry look? Let’s start with the first one – fashionable drowned rat. You can head over to The Streets at Southpoint Mall in Durham for the largest selection of rain-worthy runway-style essentials: Hunter Boots, Kate Spade Peplum Raincoat and Eric Javits Rain Bucket Hat. All of these can be found at Nordstrom and you will turn heads, no doubt! Now, if you are trying to achieve a straight up “just keep me as dry as possible for goodness sake” look, head over to your favorite box store (mine is the Wake Forest Target. I’ve probably seen you there.) and get a big umbrella, wear some old yard work shoes and just go on with your day knowing that surely the rain will end soon enough. Still singing that song that’s stuck in your head? “I want to walk in the open wind. I want to talk like drowned rats (sic) do. I want dive into your ocean. Is it raining with you.”
4. Wash this all down with a cocktail
It appears that your favorite meteorologist just extended the rain forecast well into the middle of June, so now we suggest heading over to Foundation for a perfect rainy day cocktail. Don’t fight it. At this point, we should all try just about anything to help balance the monsoon. Find a comfortable seat at the bar and order up a “Purple Rain” – it’s made with Gin, Cranberry Juice, a little bit of Blue Curacao, a touch of sweet & sour mix, and a dash of Soda Water. Are you more of a vodka person when it rains? Totally understandable. Try a “Rainy Day Marley”. It’s made with equal parts Vodka, Triple Sec, and Malibu Coconut Rum. Top it with a splash of Orange Juice. Has your rainy mood sunken to an all time low? That can only be solved with the heavy hitter: Tequila. You need to ask the bartender to make you a “Hot Sultry Zoe”. He’ll pour the Tequila, then add Galliano, then he’ll mix that into a nice mug of Hot Chocolate and top with a nice helping of whipped cream. Whipped cream! I think Annie Lennox was talking about the Hot Sultry Zoe when she said “falling on my head like a new emotion” … but I would have to ask her to know for sure.
5. Go dance in the rain
Take off those Hunter Boots or yard sneakers that you left the house in, put the umbrella down (over your crazy expensive rain hat – let’s not be foolish) and go jump in the deepest puddle you can see. It’s time to just embrace the rain and let yourself feel like a kid again. Splash around and let the stresses of trying to stay dry just float away. Always remember that old phrase that really pertains to everything in life … “it’s only temporary”. Once the rain moves on, we will be left with lush lawns, hanging flower baskets that never looked better, and worms all over the sidewalks (why does that happen?!?). Now, you can choose what suits you best to handle our never ending bout of spring showers: be it exercising, climbing something, shopping, or cocktailing (new verb). But something tells us that the simplest of all remedies – dancing in the rain – will bring out that infectious smile sure to beat any forecast with 5 (more) days of straight precipitation.
There are surely more than our TOP 5 Ways to beat the rain, so let us know what you like to do while you wait for the sun to come out! We’ll be waiting at the bar opening up another can of whipped cream. Yes. Another can. Listen, Annie Lennox said this is how you deal with the rain. We do as we are told.

Jill Kuhn is the Client Care Broker at Spencer Properties. She loves blogging for the team at Spencer Properties and is looking for great blog ideas, rain or shine, so be sure to send them over!  She would much rather continue writing about the best brands of whipped cream so that she doesn’t have to take out the office trash. Because 20 yards across the parking lot is so far.  

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