These 3 Local Raleigh Coffee Shops Serve Up A Mean Cup Of Coffee

A Note from Kara Smith, Marketing and Events Coordinator at Spencer Properties on her experience with coffee shops in raleigh:

“If there is one thing we are sure to keep fully stocked at the Spencer Properties office in Bedford, it’s coffee! Some of us, myself included, even consider ourselves to be coffee snobs. We’re always on the lookout for a local place to stop and grab a warm cup of joe on our way in.”

“My journey as a coffee drinker began when I moved to Raleigh about 10 years ago to attend NC State University. I was a college freshman and started drinking coffee to make it through those early morning classes. In the beginning, I was adding all sorts of extra sugars and creamers. I would soon realize how much I loved the taste of rich, pure, black coffee without anything extra, and I have never looked back!”

“One of my favorite things about Raleigh are the great local coffee shops! Something about the quality of the drinks and warm atmosphere gets me! In an effort to share with all of my favorite local spots, I’ve listed them all below.”

Whether you are looking for a place to get coffee on your way to work, while out shopping, or just want to meet a friend, the coffee world is your oyster! There are plenty more that I could share about, but these are my top 3 favorites. 

Sola Coffee Cafe

sola coffee Raleigh instagram feed

Sola is a family owned and independent coffee shop that opened its doors in March 2012. Located on Lead Mine Rd in North Raleigh, Sola is an all-day cafe serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They provide a space for the North Raleigh community to share conversation and build relationships over delicious food and quality, handcrafted drinks. 

When Sola first opened, owners John and Jeanne Luther knew they didn’t want to be a typical cafe–today, I can tell you they are certainly not. Sola serves “Counter Culture Coffee”, which sources some of the richest beans from all over the world (trust me, you will taste the difference)! While they do have a full menu from morning to evening including beer and wine, they are best known (in my book at least) for their hot mini donuts.

Worth checking out: On the second and fourth Saturday of the month from 9am-1pm, Sola hosts a “pop-up market“. More than 20 local artisans and designers set up on their patio turning Sola into a local market for handcrafted goods.  

Sola’s owners say “to fully understand Sola, come by to see, taste, and experience what we have to offer”. So what are you waiting for? Take our word for it, this isn’t a cup of coffee you’ll want to miss.

Jubala Coffee 

Raleigh coffee shop jubala

Jubala Coffee serves Raleigh locals more than just a bold cup of espresso. They’re committed to creating a full-fledged coffee experience. 

With two Raleigh area locations; “J1” in North Raleigh on Honeycutt Road at Lafayette Village and “J2” in Hillsborough on Hillsborough Street, Raleigh has come to know and love Jubala for all that they do. 

From sourcing some of the best coffee from around the world to weighing, grinding, and brewing to order for quality assurance–Jubala goes above and beyond when it comes to bringing delicious coffee to the Triangle. 

Owner Andrew (a Raleigh native!), was able to combine his love for the local Raleigh community with his new found love for a community in Kenya. While he found it important to continue serving and building his North Raleigh community, there were other communities that he could help too. See the story and pictures from 18 year old Andrew Cash’s trip to Kenya.

Today, Jubala is a testament to Raleigh and its strong network of local businesses. Andrew says, selecting Lafayette village for the J1 location was easy. He believed in the design and passion behind the development and did not want another corporate chain moving into an underserved North Raleigh market. 

Go experience Jubala for yourself. 

The Third Place

Coincidentally, the third Raleigh area coffee shop worth mentioning is The Third Place.  

The Third Place is located on Glenwood Ave in the Five Points neighborhood of Raleigh, not too far from Downtown. The Third Place specializes in brewing hot coffee and warm, eclectic vibes, attracting many of the city’s most talented artists! 

From their delectable sweets and treats (made with local ingredients, we might add) to their always delightful staff of baristas, art on display, and big comfy oversized chairs–many Raleigh locals make The Third Place their preferred coffee stop. Whether it’s cozying up with a good book and a cup of espresso or dropping in on the way to work in the morning–there’s something for everyone at The Third Place. 

Worth trying! Their yogurt with fruit and homemade granola for a sweet breakfast treat!

Originally established in November of 1994 by Rich Futrell and Ty Beddingfield–The Third Place saw a shift in ownership in 2004. Current owner, David Benson can be found on most days in the Third Place “causing trouble and amusing his beloved patrons”. 

Did you know, owner David is the artist responsible for creating “THE” acorn dropped in Raleigh on New Year’s Eve?

Read more about the history behind The Third Place, then head over and check it out!

More Than Just Coffee. Its A Strong Network of Local Businesses In Raleigh

While there are so many great spots to grab a coffee in the Raleigh area, each with their own unique characteristics, one commonality they all share is a dedication to building the local community. 

This is something that sets Raleigh apart from other cities. The network of local businesses in Raleigh continues to go and the support from local residents is stronger than ever. Interested in learning more about what Raleigh has to offer? We’d be happy to help you explore why Raleigh is a great place to buy. Contact our team!

Blog was originally published on 1/17/2017. Refreshed and republished on 7/1/2019.