Only True Raleighites Know About These 12 Things


Raleigh is a one-of-a-kind city—there’s no denying that! And once you move here, you know there’s no place else you want to be. Whether you’re tailgating for an NC State game, exploring a museum, or chowing down on BBQ at Clyde Cooper’s, there’s something for everyone in Raleigh.

If you’re a true Raleigh local, then you know the go-to spots around town. But even if you’re not a local doesn’t mean you can’t act like one! If you’re visiting, or about to call our beautiful city home, then this blog is for you. Here are the 12 things only true Raleighites know about (and now you do, too).

1. Where To Dine In True European Style

When it comes to dining in true European fashion, Lafayette Village is the place to be! This spot is a local favorite, known for its quaint boutique shopping and delicious dining options.

Walking through Lafayette Village makes you feel like you’re strolling through the streets of France or Italy. Okay, maybe not exactly like that. But the atmosphere, food, and shops of this village make it easy to understand why Raleigh locals visit so often!

2. The Best Day Trip Destinations

One of the best things about Raleigh? It’s right in the middle! Whether you like the mountains or the beach, you’re only a few hours drive away from both. Any time you’re looking for a day trip destination in Raleigh, you’re going to have plenty of options. Spend one weekend on the coast, and the next hiking your favorite trail!

Or, visit one of our neighboring cities or towns for a different kind of adventure. You can spend big in the city, or shop local in a small town—both are just a quick drive away!

3. It’s Not All BBQ and Fried Chicken

Okay, okay BBQ and fried chicken make up most of what we like to eat around here. It is the south after all! But that’s not all we eat.

Raleigh locals love the Farmers Market for its fresh produce, local knick-knacks and the opportunity to chat with neighbors. Plus, there are dozens of Farmers Markets across the city, so you’re bound to find one close by!

4. The State Fair Is Where It’s At

Visiting the fair isn’t always fun—unless it’s in Raleigh! Locals and visitors alike always enjoy the rides, games and tasty snacks from our State Fair.

Every October, people from all over North Carolina travel to see the Raleigh State Fair. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience that people in Raleigh look forward to every year. If you haven’t visited the State Fair yet, you need to add it to your bucket list!

5. Driving In The Snow Is Close To Hopeless

Yes, we’re the town that shuts down when an inch of snow hits the ground—and we’re proud of it! Locals get to enjoy all four seasons here in Raleigh, from the heat of summer to the cold of winter.

However, snow isn’t common in the forecast, so you can’t blame us for taking a day (or two) when snow falls. And driving in the snow? Forget about it! Which is why you can usually find us watching the news with our phones close by waiting to hear our two favorite words—snow day!

6. The Best Spot For Brews, Food, and Views

Boylan Bridge Brewpub is a local favorite for three reasons: great beer, great food, and even better views. When folks in Raleigh need to grab a bite to eat, they know to head on over to Boylan Bridge. You simply can’t beat the view of the city from anywhere else!

7. The Best Place To Spend a Rainy Day With Kids

Local families know just what to do on a rainy day in Raleigh—visit the museum! We have multiple museums here in the Triangle, but some of our favorites are the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and the Marbles Kids Museum.

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is the largest natural science museum in the Southeast. It’s home to a large variety of interactive exhibits and educational programs that allow visitors to get up close and personal with science and nature. Plus, every three to six months the museum has a featured exhibition gallery full of new topics, specimens and experiences.

The Marbles Kids Museum is the perfect place for Raleighites on a rainy day, too. Kids and parents alike love the hands-on, interactive learning experiences at this museum. For even more fun, the museum’s IMAX theater allows families to watch educational movies and the latest kids blockbusters.

8. To Never Order Unsweetened Tea

If you’re moving to Raleigh, you’ve got to know that one thing we never do is order unsweetened tea. It’s the south after all, and if you order tea, expect it to be sweet! While we won’t kick you out for ordering unsweet tea, don’t be surprised to see a few raised eyebrows.

9. How To Hang With The Largest Collection Of Plants in The South East

The JC Raulston Arboretum proudly hosts over 6,500 plants from around the world. Locals love to stroll through the gardens and admire its variety of plants. And the best part is it’s free to the public!

Plus, the arboretum hosts frequent events that all Raleighites can enjoy. From photography and painting classes to garden storytimes, it’s no wonder this is a favorite spot for locals!

10. Where To Go For Authentic BBQ

When you think barbecue, you better think of Clyde Cooper’s—especially when you’re in Raleigh! We may be biased, but it’s the best place to go for authentic BBQ in North Carolina. And you can forget about ketchup-based barbecue. We do it the right way here—vinegar-based only!

11. It’s Go Pack Or Go Home

One thing you won’t see locals do is wear Carolina blue. It’s NC State red here in Raleigh! To be a part of the pack, you’ve got to pull for the Pack. It’s the only way we do things around here.

And if you’re planning to tailgate, you better get there early. It’s all but a national holiday here when locals are getting ready for an NC State game!

12. How To Enjoy The Great Outdoors

If you’ve been following our Instagram, then you know we love to feature our favorite local parks! Pullen Park, Joyner Park and William B. Umstead State Park are just a few of the parks most loved by Raleigh locals.

On a beautiful day, you’re sure to find locals exploring outside with friends and family in one of the many parks here in the Triangle.

We believe it truly doesn’t get any better than Raleigh! If you’re planning a move, give us a call. After all, why would you want to move anywhere else besides the Triangle?

Locals do it best here in Raleigh—let our team at Spencer Properties show you why!