Raleigh Spa Review of The Umstead SpaI was looking for a spa retreat: a place to get away from it all, relax, unwind and get a great massage.  There are two types of spas, the spas that make you look good and the spas that make you feel good.  I like both!  But I was looking for the latter.  I made it my mission to find the very best place to rest and rejuvenate near Raleigh. (And I enjoyed doing the research 🙂 ) I discovered just the place…

The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary is located adjacent to Umstead Park and has built its concept around embracing nature and art.  This hotel is located just off of I-40, but, as you enter the property, you feel immediately transported to a natural, serene, wooded escape.  Take your first right to reach the spa entrance with it’s own little parking lot.  I love this spa because the relaxation areas are wonderful!  Upon arrival, you will be provided a scrumptious terry cloth robe and waterproof slippers.

In the women’s area, there is a hot tub, sauna, steam room, waterfall showers, lounge chairs, cozy blankets, a fireplace, ice cold washcloths with cucumbers and refreshments.  They offer infused water, herbal tea, dried blueberries, yogurt covered nuts and raisins, almonds and apples.  They provide lockers, dressing rooms, hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, combs, brushes, hair ties, hair products, lotion, deodorant and lighted make-up mirrors.

There is a co-ed relaxation room, outdoor hot tub and meditation garden.  The spa is adjacent to the pool area and during the season, you have full access to the pool and pool bar.  The pool is a retreat in itself with terry cloth fitted sheets for the cushioned chaise lounges, umbrellas, delicious hand crafted cocktails and farm to table lunch dishes and snacks served poolside.  The servers will even bring you a bucket of ice with bottled water and a spritzer to cool you off.  There are towels, sunscreen, magazines and infused water available too, and so you truly have everything you need.  The pool is surrounded by trees and overlooks a lovely pond, so it is truly an escape.

The services offered by the Umstead spa cover the spectrum from massages to facials, exfoliating, body masks, scrubs, luxury manicures and pedicures.  There are incredible packages that include a combination of services for a truly pampered experience.  They offer several types of massage including Swedish, aromatherapy and deep tissue.

I am very particular about the massage (although I will admit that even a “bad” massage is pretty darn good).  I must say that EVERY massage I have had at the Umstead has been absolutely incredible!  The room is so peaceful.  They will let you select the music and lighting that suits you. The beds are adjustable and warm and very comfortable.  The face cradle is the best I have experienced.  The therapists are highly skilled.  They will adjust the pressure to your liking and they will target the areas that you request. There is a package of massages at the Umstead spa where you pay for five and receive the sixth one at no charge.  This is a great “program” to put yourself on so you are sure to make time for self care.

In order to care for those around us, we need to be sure to make the time to care for ourselves.  Our families benefit from us taking some time to rest, relax, unwind and recharge.  I am a real estate agent in Raleigh and I want to be a rock for my clients as they go through the very stressful process of buying or selling home.  Taking time to fill my tank, allows me to help them when things get emotional.  When the going gets tough, run away to the Umstead Spa.  It will make everything much better…