Tips for Raleigh Home Sellers

Raleigh has so much to offer. It is unique because it balances big city living with traditional southern charm. Strong values and a sense of community breathe energy back into the residents of Raleigh. All of these things have helped to build a strong housing market. People are taking notice and benefitting from the opportunities they find in the greater Raleigh Area.

Selling your Raleigh home at the best price, and in the shortest time possible is our goal at Spencer Properties. One important thing you need to understand is that marketing starts long before we put your home into the MLS (multiple listing service). It starts with how you prepare your property.

Some of the most common ways properties are advertised online are real estate websites, such as, internet listing services, online classified sites, and nowadays, social media! Word-of-mouth advertising by neighbors, friends and family members also has the potential for getting that property sold quickly. And lastly, even with all these advertising avenues, a “for sale” sign in the front yard is STILL effective! Attached to the “for sale” sign, brochure boxes with useful property information can let passersby get all the vital information quickly and accurately. All of these forms of advertising are utilized by Spencer Properties.

There are a few things to consider when preparing your home for viewing. Making it bright, clean and comfortable will help! Sellers need to always look at their home from the buyer’s point of view. In order for them to be comfortable when surveying your home, you (and your children and/or pets) should plan on being away. This will help the prospect buyer feel comfortable to make observations objectively. Further, it’s wise to notify the neighbors before an open house. This way, you are able to invite them to come take a look, and hopefully make a few referrals to any of their friends or family members who are looking to buy in the area.

There are lots of “ifs” when one home is on the market while you’re up to your eyeballs in house hunting yourself. What if my current home doesn’t sell within the ideal timeline? What if I’m ready to make an offer, but my current home is not under contract yet? What if I sell more quickly than I anticipated? These are all worthwhile questions to ask your Spencer Properties agent. She or he can work with you to hopefully meet your goals, regarding the buying of one house, and the selling of another.