Check The Boxes On This Pre Move Must-Dos Checklist For A Stress-Free Move

If you’ve ever moved, you know that from the day you sign your home over to its new owners until the day you’ve unpacked your last box in your new home, there’s A LOT to be done. If you’ve never moved–well, consider this your warning.

While the thought of all the tasks involved with moving can certainly be overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. We’ve put together a list of pre and post move must-dos. Run through the list checking the boxes as you go (no pun intended) and your move should be relatively smooth!

Must-Dos For Before You Move

You’ve just sold your home and purchased a new one–time to pop the champagne!

While this is certainly an accomplishment worth celebrating, keep in mind the countdown to “moving day” has begun and you’re going to want as much time to prepare as possible.

Six Weeks Before Move         

  • Set a realistic budget for moving expenses.
  • Find the right moving company (don’t rely on an over-the-phone estimate, request an in-house appointment).
  • Locate (and tour) a new school for your children to attend.
  • Step-up your decluttering game, setting aside items to be sold, trashed, or donated. Did someone say yard sale?
  • Purchase moving boxes, tape, and plenty of sharpies. (Grocery stores, liquor stores, and new neighbors are always good for free boxes!)

Five Weeks Before Move

  • Obtain your children’s transcripts and notify their school of your move.
  • Make time for friends and family before moving.
  • Create an inventory sheet with photos of all your valuables. In the case that your things get damaged during the move–you’ll be glad you did!
  • Address any issues that may have come up during your home’s inspection.
  • Build out a packing plan. Take it room by room, packing a little every day. It’s best practice to first pack the things you don’t use every day, and then as moving day gets closer, pack up the things you use more frequently.
  • Research packing hacks! Our favorite? Use towels, linens, blankets and other soft materials to wrap and pack your breakable items–bubble wrap can get expensive!

Four Weeks Before Move

  • Look into your options for moving insurance. This isn’t something to skimp on. Be sure to cover all of your products.
  • Confirm that your moving truck will have somewhere to park come moving day. This might mean obtaining a permit from your city or town or simply giving your neighbors a heads up.
  • Request whatever time you may need off from work for both closing and moving day.
  • Gather all important documents in one place. Financial and legal documents, as well as birth certificates, passports, medical records, etc. You’ll more than likely need a few of these on closing day and you don’t want them to accidentally end up in the back of a moving truck.
  • Research doctors, dentists, and vets in your new location–Why not get those new patient appointments booked now?
  • Arrange for utilities to be turned off at your current home on your move-out day and on at your new home on your move-in day.
  • Continue packing!

Three Weeks Before Move

  • Establish a plan for moving large, fragile, or unique items like pianos, pets, plants, guns, fine art, and other challenging items to move.
  • Set up homeowner’s insurance to cover your new home.
  • Recycle or dispose of hazardous, poisonous, or flammable items like gasoline, bleach, and aerosol cans.
  • If you’re moving cross country, make sure your car is serviced and clean or arranged for shipment.
  • File for a Change of Address with the post office. As well as:
    • Government offices
    • Employer
    • Creditors
    • DMV/ Drivers license
    • Auto Insurance
    • Car registration
    • Monthly subscriptions
    • Financial institutions
    • Voter registration
    • Any other websites where orders are placed frequently!

Two Weeks Before Move

  • Fill all of yours and your families prescriptions and then transfer them to your new pharmacy.
  • Arrange for any necessary servicing to be done at your new home before you move in or at least not too long after.
  • Discontinue newspaper delivery, trash pick-up, lawn service, deliveries, etc.
  • Make move-day plans for your children and pets. This day will be crazy enough as it is, you won’t want to be concerned with having little ones under feet or getting into trouble.  
  • Keep packing those boxes…

One Week Before Move

  • Plan out your final week of meals to use up whatever food you have left in your refrigerator and pantry. Then consider donating whatever food you have left so you don’t have to move it.
  • Pack your “Open-First Box” with the essentials you’ll want to have easily accessible to you on your first night in your new home.
  • Drain fuel from gas-powered equipment like heaters and lawnmowers, so they’re ready and safe to move.

Day Before Move

  • Consider having cash on you to tip your movers.
  • Order a pizza! (Your reward for getting this far in the moving process.)
  • Get a good night’s rest–you’ll need it!

Moving Day

  • Set an alarm to be sure you have plenty of time to prepare for the mover’s arrival.
  • Protect your home’s floors and carpets from potential damage.
  • Pack up any last minute things (bed sheets, personal items, cleaning supplies, etc.)
  • Go over your empty home with a broom, catching anything that might have been hiding under furniture and boxes.
  • Take a few quick photos of your empty place to prove it’s “move-out condition”
  • Conduct your final walk-through checking for anything that might have been left behind on shelves or in closets – your buyer will also be doing a final walk through and you want to make sure everything is ready!
  • Leave your movers a review (and a tip if you see fit!)

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As you can see, there is a good bit of work that must be done pre-move and the earlier you can start the better. The great thing about going through the home selling process with a Spencer Properties Realtor®, is that we handle everything else so you can focus on your pre-move must-dos.

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