Fall is the time for the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh

Fall is in the air, leaves are starting to change colors and the North Carolina State Fair is coming to town. October is the month for all who yearn to buy their tickets and flood to the fairgrounds for all the attractions and booths for some great shopping. I have attended the North Carolina State Fair since I was just tall enough to ride the Himalaya.

The Village of Yester Year is a great crowd favorite. They remain consistent year after year in the circular building next to Heritage Circle. In operation for 65 years, the Village of Yester Year has followed the same structure and captured heritage craftsmanship and teaching the public of the past. You can even buy items that would be great additions in any home.

Crowd favorites are the hundreds of food vendors that occupy the Midway and supply thousands of people with all kinds of delicious options and varieties of cuisines. One of my favorites is the Wisconsin Cheese food stand. It is a two-step process. You get in one line to pay and get a token with your choice of cheddar cheese balls or jalapeno cheese balls. Then you move to another line to pick up your order. This one booth is a crowd favorite and the lines are usually wrapped around the building. Of course, the turkey legs cannot be forgotten. You can fine one in the hand of every other human walking by. My daughter loves the roasted corn. It is one of the most scrumptious foods I have ever tasted. From deep fried Oreos to deep fried Snickers, Butterfingers, Reese’s Cups, or even Twinkies, there is a dessert for everyone. My husband cannot leave the fair without a brown bag of cinnamon doughnuts. Six dollars for ten doughnuts that are hot, sweet and absolutely melt in your mouth delicious.

All the kids love to come to the North Carolina State Fair for the rides. The rides are exhilarating and fun for all ages. The younger tots love the helicopters that rise and fall and circle round and round. The teens foam at the mouth over the fast, thrilling, upside down rides. The faster they go, the better. My last visit to the fair, it was raining dollar bills from one of the wild rides that sent a youthful passenger soaring through the sky and twisting and turning in all directions. The Haunted House, fun house, and house of mirrors trip up every age group. So much to do and so much to see, the fair has it all.

One cannot visit the fair without seeing the exhibits of crafts, livestock, tractors, smallest horse, woman that is half human and half snake. Nor should the games be missed. You can play basketball, toss balls into fish bowls and leave with a guppy in a bag or a stuffed animal larger than a golden retriever. The emoji’s made an appearance in 2016. The poop pile emoji was in the hand of most elementary kids and it lit up! I can’t wait to see what they come up with for this year!

From the smells to the thrills to the delicious food, the Raleigh Area offers the best fair, the North Carolina State Fair.


This article was written by Misha Cashion, Senior Listing Broker at Spencer Properties.