Basically Free Date Ideas if you live in the greater Raleigh area Whether you fully embrace this holiday or not, it’s time to start preparing a little something for the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebration. Are you are thinking about going all out, or just doing enough to keep the peace? Whatever you choose, we hope you enjoy these Top 3 ideas for an inexpensive date as suggested by the team at Spencer Properties. So read on – we could save you a little money with these cheap heartfelt ideas!

Have a Picnic in one of the many Raleigh Parks:

Just down the road from the Spencer Properties office is a great tract of land that was left to the city of Raleigh – to remain untouched. Undeveloped. Think nature preserve, not swings and seesaws. The Annie Louise Wilkerson, MD Nature Preserve Park is a great place to check out for a little while and enjoy a true gem right here in North Raleigh. You’ll quickly forget that you are surrounded by those pesky errands located seconds away from this tranquil space (that reminds me, I have dry cleaning pick up from last Tuesday, and a hard deadline to spend my free Kohl’s cash). If the weather cooperates for your planned adventure, pack lunch, a blanket, and a kite or two. The open field located at the foot of the Mountain to Sea trail is just begging for a couple of love birds to lay down, let the kite string waaayyy out, and catch up with each other the way you used to when you first started dating. You just imagined that in your head, didn’t you? We know, it’s heaven. {even if your kite situation is a huge cartoon Yoda … heavenly, it still is.}

Go for a Raleigh Hike

Another inexpensive date idea: Go for a hike at Raleigh Landfill ParkRaleigh has a tremendous outdoor presence, from hundreds of miles of greenway trails to a climbable mountain of buried trash. Wait, what? This is a blog entry about great date ideas – and we’re suggesting a visit to a Trash Mountain? Or is it a Landfill Park? Well, whatever you call it, way up high on top of an old garbage dump lies one of the most magnificent (odor free) views to be had in all of North Raleigh. And while you can’t see Alaska from up there, you sure can see as far south as downtown Raleigh and points so far north that they very well could be Virginia. It’s so quiet on top of Landfill Park that you may lose yourself for a while … I mean seriously, where can we find true quiet anymore?

Put on your comfy shoes and plan to hike about 6 minutes from the bottom to the top, depending on your pace. Then plan on canceling your plans for an hour or so while you unplug and reconnect with each other. Pack a little snack and take in the view while you brainstorm a bucket list together, plan your next weekend getaway, or peruse the Target’s Cartwheel coupon app to save a few bucks on your next grocery bill. Something about being so far up and seemingly far away from everything below will trigger a little ctrl+alt+delete style reset. Enjoy the silence, and each other {and over $200 a year when used every time you shop}.

Rent a Nostalgic Movie

Whip up some fresh popcorn, roll out a blanket and some pillows, then turn back time by watching an Oscar winning movie from your first year of dating or from the year you were married. A quick google search for “Oscar Best Picture nominees from 19XX” will give you a good starting point. You know what is not a good starting point? MapQuesting a Blockbuster movie rental store. You’ll most certainly arrive at a women’s boot camp gym space or at a Mattress Firm – both terrible date ideas. So rely on Netflix, Redbox and Amazon Prime … that is unless you were in the market for a mattress, or the sorest triceps imaginable. Your special year might match that of a few of our team members here at Spencer Properties, so in that case, we’ve already done the “Best Picture” research for you:

1987 – Platoon (Mark checked with Karen to make sure this was the right year)

1996 – Braveheart (both Jennifer and John and Anne Marie and Ed share this milestone!)

1998 – Titanic (Cori and Matt were joined in matrimony that August)

2001 – Gladiator (Jill and Dean were married in November of this year)

2002 – A Beautiful Mind (Patty and Jeremy were married in February – Happy Anniversary, you two!)

2013 – Argo (Kara married Ben – May the 4th be with them)

The Annie Louise Wilkerson, MD Nature Preserve Park in Raleigh NC is a great place for an inexpensive date in the Raleigh areaTime is ticking to get your valentines date planned – so we hope our Top 3 inexpensive date ideas from the team at Spencer Properties will start you on your way. We all know that connecting with others is so important – so this February, try to find a little time with your special someone. Your outing doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day, and it most certainly doesn’t have to be a grand event with fireworks and boxes of chocolate. But it does have to be from the heart … so that part should be easy. But winding up all that kite string? That could be hard.

Jill Kuhn is the Client Care Broker at Spencer Properties. She loves blogging for the team at Spencer Properties about as much as she loves making a monthly trip to the recycling/trash facility at the bottom of the aforementioned Landfill Park. So if changing your own oil is your idea of an inexpensive date idea, they’ll take that from you at the base of the mountain. Win win. 

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