Curb Appeal All In A Weekend’s Work? Here’s How

home with curb appeal

Ah, Memorial Day Weekend. A long weekend we’re sure many of you are happy to see coming up on your calendars. How are you planning to spend it? With friends and family? Cooking out on the grill? Sipping poolside? How about improving your home’s curb appeal?

Long weekends are a great opportunity to take on a project or two around the house. With the extra day off, you can spend the better half of the weekend working but still have time to relax before the week starts up again.

Below we’ve listed a few ideas of ways to improve your home’s curb appeal. Whether you’re preparing to list your home soon, or just want to invest in the value of your home–these projects are guaranteed to give your home a bit boost of curb appeal.

1. Manicure the yard

Taking care of your lawn is a sure way to add instant curb appeal to your home. First impressions are made before guests even step foot inside your front door. And the upkeep of your yard can say a lot about how you care for your home in general. While you might spend time every weekend caring for your yard, spending a little extra time can go a long way.

  • Collect sticks, twigs, rocks, and whatever other kinds of debris have accumulated.
  • Startup the lawnmower and cut the grass back.
  • Get at those pesky weeds popping up in your lawn and beds.
  • Edge your beds. (Edging gives your yard a professional look.)
  • Plant some annual flowers like pansies, black-eyed Susans, impatiens and petunias for quick, long-lasting color.
  • Trim overgrown trees and bushes. Keep in mind, your home has to be seen from the curb to have curb appeal!
  • Buy a few bags of mulch and spread it generously throughout your beds. Mulching will give your landscaping a fresh look, keep weeds down, and allow your plants to retain moisture throughout the summer!
  • Maybe you’re up for creating a new bed! Prime spots for curb appeal are in the front corners of your yard, along the driveway or walkways, and directly in front of the house.
  • TIP: If you’re looking to get your lawn green quickly for photos or a showing, you can spray a green lawn spray paint that’s specifically formulated for grass, is non-toxic and is environmentally safe!  

Don’t have the right equipment for the job? Ask a neighbor!

2. Freshen up the exterior

Over time, our homes can appeal dull and grimy, weathered and damaged. This isn’t usually a good look, especially from the curb. Make sure your home stands out by taking steps to brighten up its exterior.

  • Repair any areas of damaged wood, trim, siding, brick.
  • Pull down any unwanted ivy or vines that have made their way up your home.
  • Turn the nozzle on your garden hose to its strongest setting (or consider renting a power washer) to blast dirt, grime, and debris from your home itself, porch, deck, walkway, driveway, doors, windows, etc.  
  • Head out to the curb and check out your roof. Does it appear dirty or damaged in any way? Depending on what you find, you may have to call a professional in. But given the right experience and equipment–there’s no reason you couldn’t take on a roof repair project yourself.
  • While you’re up there–how are your gutters looking?

3. Clean the windows

One of the easiest and more satisfying fixups you can do is clean your windows. Not only will this allow more light inside of your home, but it will also ensure your home sparkles and shines all the way from the street!

  • If your home’s windows tilt out, washing their exterior will be simple.
  • Otherwise, you’ll need someone to hold a ladder while you do the work or get a long-handled sponge.
  • Soak a sponge with a small amount of vinegar or detergent diluted in warm water, then get to it!  

4. Update light fixtures and replace old hardware

The look and feel of lighting fixtures and hardware can impact your home’s overall appeal more than you might think.

  • Remove builder-grade or outdated front door or garage light fixtures and replace with something newer that matches the style you’ve created inside your home.
  • Consider adding outdoor accent lighting to accentuate features of your yard like a tree, the front door, or walkways.
  • Switch out old house numbers, entry door lockset hardware, or your mailbox.
  • If you aren’t able to wire lighting where you want it, install solar fixtures!

5. Dress up the front door

Your front door is much more than a passage from the outside in. Often, it’s the first thing that draws the eye of a passerby or visitor. Plus, it sets the style and mood of your home. With that said, be sure your home’s front door makes guests feel welcomed–not make them want to run the other way.  

  • Consider swapping out your current front door with one that has a unique design, a wood finish, windows on each side, or is simply newer than before! A study by door manufacturer Therma-Tru found that replacing a home’s front door can increase the perceived value of the home.
  • Make a statement by giving your front door a blast of color.
  • Decorate your front door with pieces that reflect your personal style! Wreaths, specialty door knockers, flowers, and signs are all great options.
  • NOTE: Enhancing your home’s entryway can up your home’s perceived value by as much as five times the cost of a new door. See what other projects can increase home value.

6. Add colorful window boxes and planters

Window boxes with colorful flowers under your home’s windows and decorative planters around its entryway are sure-fire ways to enhance your home’s charm.

  • Window boxes offer a fast, easy way to bring color and charm to your home’s curb appeal. Choose boxes made from copper or iron for a traditional look or painted wood for a cottage feel. Mix and match flowers and plants to suit your sun conditions and color scheme.
  • Liven up your home’s entryway with big planters and fill them with a variety of different colored and textured plants and flowers.
  • Have fun and get creative with the types of pots you use. Vase-like cement planters give an Old World look while single geometric glazed pots give zen-like vibes.

Curb appeal should be important to all homeowners, regardless of whether you’re looking to sell your home. So what do you say? Hey, even if you decide to add a few of these projects to your weekend to-do list, you’ll still have plenty of time to do the enjoyable MDW activities.

Looking for a second opinion when it comes to investing in your home’s curb appeal pre-list? Give our team at Spencer Properties a call. Oh and if you’re cooking out on the grill this weekend, we’re always up for a juicy cheeseburger!