Recently, the topic of Raleigh’s Impervious Surface Limitation rule came up in the news, and it’s clear that ignoring this little-known housing rule can cost you time, money and much frustration.

In the news:  WRAL investigates the impact of Raleigh’s Impervious Surface Limitation rule

Raleigh homeowners definitely need to be aware of impervious surface limitations and it came to play in a home we recently sold in Bedford.  When the buyers got the survey completed, we discovered that the home had 238 square feet over the impervious surface limit for this street. 

We met with the City and they agreed that the builder should never have received a CO for this home.  Since it “slipped through the cracks” the City agreed to allow an exception and they could keep the patio and sidewalk; however, they would have to bring it into compliance if they ever wanted a permit to do anything to the home in the future.  

The buyers thought they may want to finish the walk up attic one day and we asked if they would be required to comply with the impervious surface limitation in this case since the permit would be for internal changes only.  The City said they would.

Both the sellers and the buyers were very reasonable in working out a solution to the issue.  But no seller likes a surprise like this at closing…  Be sure to order a survey on any home, even new construction, when you buy.  This is a perfect example of how important that is.  

When the impervious surface limitations were increased a few years back, much of Bedford was protected as we were grandfathered under the old limitation.  This home is on Royal Forrest and was not built when the limitations changed so it was not grandfathered.