pouring champaign at housewarming party

What Better Way To Make A New House Feel Like A Home Than A Housewarming Party With All Your Friends and Family

It has finally happened–you’ve landed your dream home! On behalf of our team at Spencer Properties, we’d like to say congratulations!

You put in the work to get your old place ready to sell–renovated, decluttered, cleaned, and staged. You spent late nights scrolling through photos of potential homes and weekends with your Realtor® touring neighborhoods. You took a leap of faith and placed an offer on a house you loved and just like that, it’s yours! Let the unpacking, furnishing, and decorating commence!

When you’re ready to show off your new place–we’ve put together a guide to help you host the warmest housewarming party. What do you say? Should we get this party started?

Pre-Housewarming Party Planning  

Pick a date for your party that will work for your friends and family but also gives you enough time to get settled in. Know that your guests will understand if you don’t have every box unpacked or every room fixed up. If anything it will make them anxious to see your house flourish into a home when they return next!

Next, make a guest list. Include family, friends, old neighbors, new neighbors, and hey, maybe even your Realtor®!

Then, decide on a housewarming party type! While most people tend to choose casual drinks and light bites, really anything goes. Some popular housewarming party themes include:

  • “Stock-the-bar”. Invite guests to bring their favorite alcoholic beverages to help stock your new home’s bar.
  • “Open-house”. A party where guests come and go over the course of an afternoon for a tour-like-experience.
  • A Potluck Dinner Party. Encourage each guest to bring an appetizer, entree, or dessert to share! (This is the way to go if your kitchen isn’t quite ready to go.)
  • An Evening in the Garden. Hold a party in your backyard on a patio or in a garden. (A great way to showcase your indoor and outdoor living space)

At last, it’s time to send out invites. Be sure you’re able to give people at least two to three weeks notice. Decide whether you’ll send E-vites or printed. Electronic is less expensive and often easier, but printed invites sent via snail-mail add a bit of old-fashioned hospitality. Include your new address and if necessary, specific directions to your new home.

If needed, arrange care for your children or pets on the evening of your gathering.

Housewarming Party Preparations For A Week Out

Your party date is approaching, therefore, it’s time to start considering your menu (food and drinks of course), an itinerary of activities, party playlist, and other odds and ends.

As for the menu, you have many options. While you can certainly go all out on a three-course meal for your guests, heavy hors d’oeuvres or light appetizers might also be a good option. Will you cook yourself or order in? Think about grabbing disposable plates, napkins, and utensils too! The best hosts will accommodate to his or her guests who might have dietary restrictions–check with your guests ahead of time or be ready for anything!

Take into account what your guests prefer to drink. Get creative and brainstorm some fun and tasty cocktail options for your gathering. Water and non-alcoholic beverages should also be added to your list.

A tour of your new home is a must, but are you open to livening things up with some housewarming party games and activities?

  • Encourage guests to bring one of their favorite recipes from their collection for you to add to your own!
  • Scavenger hunt, anyone? Create a list of items for guests to find in your new house like “number of bedrooms?” “Street name?” “One, two, or three car garage?” and so on.
  • Provide guests with an opportunity to plant a flower in your garden. This is a sweet and memorable gesture for both you and your loved ones.
  • Set out wooden pieces of Jenga and have your friends and family write their favorite memory on a piece. You’ll be left with a game for your house and those special memories will last a lifetime.

The right music is the key to a great party. Work on curating a strong playlist ahead of time. Add some of your favorite songs to the top of the playlist to really get you and your guests in the party mood upon their arrival.

Last-Minute Housewarming Party Tasks

With 24 hours (or less) before your gathering kicks off, what’s left to do?

If there’s any food you can prepare or pick-up and keep refrigerated overnight, go for it–one less thing on your to-do list.

While you might still be in the midst of finding a place for all of your things in your new house, do your best to tidy up for your guests. Get your home looking and smelling great before your guests arrive. Grab a few lightly scented candles or a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Your bathroom will get more traffic than usual, and you want to be prepared for it. Stock up on toilet paper, hand soap, and extra towels!

Do think about putting fragile and expensive objects away, especially if there will be pets or little ones around.

Get creative with seating and be sure there is plenty of it. The more easily guests can find a place to sit, the less likely they’ll stand around looking and feeling awkward.

Go Time–It’s Time For A Housewarming Party

Put the finishing touches on your house-warming party. Wrap up the menu, cook whatever is best served fresh and strategically plate everything. Set out drinks, napkins, utensils, glasses, etc. Layout any props or materials needed for games and activities. Cue up the housewarming party tunes setting the playlist to repeat so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with it.

Come party time–the most important thing is to enjoy yourself. While it might seem obvious, it’s surprisingly easy to transform into a crazy person when you’re running around cooking, serving, bartending, and managing guests all at the same time. The last few months of home searching and home buying were likely taxing. This is your time to unwind revel in your hard-earned, well-deserved new home.

And again, congratulations from our team of Realtors® at Spencer Properties Real Estate. Welcome home!