Is Your House Ready To Show?

You’ve worked hard to get your home “for sale” sign ready. Spent weekend after weekend working on renovation projects and DIY repairs. Completed the room-by-room deep (really deep) clean you knew your home desperately needed. Even took a shot at a few staging techniques you read about on Pinterest. All of which will not go unnoticed.

But the reality is once your home hits the market, real estate agents may request a showing with little to no notice… and keeping your home in pristine “show-ready condition” at all times is just not possible. You are still living in the home, after all.

There’s inevitably going to be a few tasks you’ll have to complete before a showing. No need to panic though. Take a deep breath and run through this checklist–your home will be show ready in no time!

Start In The Bedrooms

  • Make the beds

This may include changing your everyday bedding to your “show” bedding or it might just mean fluffing comforters and pillows. Encourage your children to make their beds every morning so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

  • Hide dirty laundry

Do your best to keep laundry piles to a minimum. If it’s dirty–hide it. If it’s clean–fold and put it away.

  • Close closets and drawers

Realistically, potential buyers will sneak a peek inside your closets but regardless, close them for the initial presentation.

When decluttering, pay special attention to your closets. The biggest thing home buyers are looking for these days is storage, so show them your home has plenty! See our Decluttering Dos and Don’ts.

Check Up On The Bathrooms

  • Hang your “good towels”

Put away your every day towels and replace them with your “good” (clean, fresh, fluffy) towels. This will give your bathroom a spa-like feel–something prospective buyers will most certainly appreciate.

  • Put personal care items away

Your toothbrush, medications, toiletries, and shower products can all go in the cabinet.

  • Wipe down surfaces

Our bathrooms surfaces collect hair, make-up, lint, etc. and should be wiped down daily. Be sure to go over the vanity, mirror, faucet, and sink.  

  • Close the toilet seat

But not before making sure it’s flushed and clean! Buyers will look everywhere, your toilet is no exception!

Move Along To The Kitchen

  • Do the dishes

No one is perfect when it comes to keeping the sink clear of dishes. Quickly wash, dry, and put away any dirty dishes. Don’t leave them to air dry on the counter or in the dishwasher to do later.

  • Take a wet wipe to surfaces

Grab a spray bottle and go crazy. Your counters, cabinets, the stovetop, and the microwave are surfaces that should show no sign of leftover food splatter, spilled juice, or crumbs.

  • Store away unnecessary clutter.

The things you have out for daily use like your dish soap and sponge, the toaster or coffee pot, perhaps a family calendar– can be put away until after the showing.

And if time permits, place a batch of cookies in the oven! (Keep the pre-made dough in your refrigerator for quick cookies!) After all, nothing says home sweet home like the smell of fresh-baked cookies–are we right?

As You Do Your Final Walk-Through Don’t Forget

  • Vacuum, sweep, spot-mop

Go over the floors and carpets with a vacuum or broom and spot mop any spots. If you have pets that shed or kids who leave trails of crumbs wherever they do, this is a must.

  • Turn on all of the lights. Open blinds. Push back curtains

Aim to create a light, bright, and welcoming feel throughout your home by allowing as much natural light in as possible and adding indoor lighting where necessary.

  • Empty all garbage baskets

Grab a large trash bag and collect from every wastebasket in your home. Know that the fewer wastebaskets you keep around, the less time you’ll spend collecting.

  • Lock up valuables

While theft is highly unlikely during a showing–lock up your valuables just to be on the safe side.

  • Set the thermostat

Your home shouldn’t be too hot or too cold–it should be just right. If the weather permits, you might also want to consider opening a window to bring fresh air into your home.

  • Turn on soft music

A quiet home can feel awkward. See what Realtor Magazine suggestions playing for background music during a showing. (Including what they say about live music, a feature we include in our mega open houses!).

  • Burn a candle or air freshener

Not only should your home look and feel clean, it needs to smell clean! If you’re not taking us up on the cookies, at least light a few candles or plug in some air fresheners. We recommend Fresh Linen fragrance and not too many of them!

Pro tip! If you’re really in a time crunch, grab a laundry basket and scoop up any miscellaneous items that might be laying around (clothing, toys, nicknacks, whatever!). Then store the basket in your car until after the showing when you can put the items away properly.

Once you’ve completed the checklist, it’s time to grab the pets and kids and head out! Your work here is done, and with any luck, you won’t have to do this too many times before you get an offer!

Spencer Properties Will Help You Get Your Home Show Ready

Our team of experienced real estate professionals will tell you, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s why it’s so important that your home appeals to prospective buyers the second they step foot inside.

When you sell your home with us, we guarantee professional, ethical, and confidential service to ensure your home doesn’t just sell, but sells quickly and for asking price. See what we offer for Home Sellers!