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Article originally written by Paula Brantley, Buyer Agent & New Construction Specialist at Spencer Properties.

We could tell you how “family friendly” the city of Raleigh is, but we prefer to show you. Recently released it’s list of family-friendly cities, and Raleigh earned second place. While a number of factors were taken into consideration, entertainment and family attractions were definitely weighed. With a number of parks, events, sports, arts and museums for families to explore in Raleigh – this ranking didn’t surprise us. 

There is one attraction though that stands out above the rest. A place that has won every award from “Best Place To Entertain the Kids” to “Best Family Attraction in NC”, “Favorite Rainy-Day Outing”, even “The Certificate of Excellence” from TripAdvisor!  Ask any Raleigh kid (or parent) and they’ll tell you just how great the Marbles Kids Museum is. 

A Treasure In The Downtown Raleigh Area: Fun For All Ages 

The Marbles Kids Museum is located in Downtown Raleigh on McDowell St. right in the middle of the business district. The unique attraction offers a fun and educational experience for a diverse population of families, school groups and community organizations. Parents and children will find dozens of themed exhibits, summer camps, IMAX documentary and featured movie showings, and a calendar of special events all year-round.   

Exhibits are interactive and aim to teach children about real life situations. For example, the “Around Town” exhibit explores how people live, work and play together in the “kid version” of our life size world. Kids have the opportunity to conduct a train, read x-rays, run to the grocery store, cover breaking news, take a pet to the vet, and so much more. While some exhibits are intended for little ones of all ages, there are some specifically geared towards the younger or older kids. The “Toddlers Hollow” is an area where children under 3 can discover the magic of the woods.

While the Marbles Museum is a great place to spend a rainy day, the fun isn’t just contained to the indoors. Outside, there are even more great exhibits including “Tree Tunes”, where kids can find harmony in nature and the “Sun Sprouts” a kid-approved gardening experience unlike any other.

Making a day of it? Plan ahead of time with information on hours, admission, group information, FAQs and more.

Been to the Marbles Kids Museum before? This is one attraction that you’ll be delighted by visit after visit.

A Museum With A Mission To Grow The Raleigh Community

It’s the Marbles Kids Museum’s mission to spark imagination, discovery and learning through play. Their five core initiatives are inspirational.

  • Ready set Learn. Play builds intellectual, social and emotional skills for success in learning and in life. 
  • Be healthy, be active. Play promotes physical development and good health. 
  • Create, innovate. Play encourages imagination, creativity and self-expression. 
  • Explore, Experiment. Play leads to discovery and kindles curiosity. 
  • Connect. Play teaches cooperation and collaboration, strengthens families and unites our community.  

It’s organizations with missions like this that foster a family-friendly community. The museum is dedicated to contributing in big ways to the intellectual growth and overall development of our community’s youth. And its because of this that we (and many Raleigh locals) value the Marbles Kids Museum. 

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