A Checklist of Who To Notify When You Move  

change of address checklist

Will your home address be changing soon? In addition to the obvious moving-must-dos, you’ll also want to make sure you’re notifying the necessary people. The sooner you do so, the better. If you wait, you run the risk of missing bills, service laps or even fines! 

Not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place. This checklist will guide you through the change of address process ensuring you don’t miss the one or two places you would have never thought of.  

The Post Office

First and foremost, start with the post office. When you change your address through the post office, you can guarantee that any mail sent to your old place is forwarded to your new one. This way, even if you forget to switch your address on your favorite guilty pleasure magazine subscription it’ll still make it to your new address for up to 12 months. 

Go to USPS.com/move to change your address online. It’s the easiest and fastest way, and you immediately get an email confirming the change. It will cost you a $1 identification verification fee to prevent fraud and make sure you’re the one making the change. 

Watch out for other companies who make be looking to scam you. These scammers can charge upwards of $40 to do what you can do for just $1 through the USPS.com. 

Tax Agencies 

Notify both the federal revenue agency and your state tax agency of your new address. The IRS has an online form where you can easily change your address. As for your state tax agency, go directly to your specific state’s government website and look for directions. In most states, it’s done online. Moving to North Carolina? You can change your address with the NCDOR here!


You’ll want to transfer your gas and electric utilities as soon as you know what your new address will be and the date you’ll be moving. This will ensure your services are shut off at your current place after you move out, and turned on at your new place for when you move in. This is a rather important one unless you’re okay with moving in the dark!

There’s no reason to suffer without cable and internet your first few nights in your new home. Just like with your electric company, call your phone, cable, and internet providers to let them know of your move as early as you can. “Next steps” may include arranging for delivery of equipment on your first day! With any luck, they’ll set it up for you.

Depending on what other sorts of utilities you currently have that need to be ended or are you’re responsible for at your new home that need to start, you’ll also need to notify:

  • Cell phone provider (yep, those bills keep coming even if you move) 
  • Water Department
  • Garbage/ recycling company
  • Landscaping company 
  • Sewer utility company 
  • Housecleaners

Insurance Providers

Whether you currently have a renters insurance policy or a homeowners policy, you’ll want to give the holding company a call and let them know to transfer your policy to your new home. While you’ve got them on the phone, ask if they’ll cover your items during the moving process! If not, you’ll want to find someone who can

Then there are the agencies that provide your health insurance, dental insurance, car insurance, and life insurance you’ll want to follow up with as well. 

Social Security Administration 

If you or someone you reside with receives any sort of social security benefits, don’t forget to let the SSA know where you’ll be moving to. You can fill the application out online!

Your Employer 

Even if your paychecks get deposited directly into your account, it’s a good idea to make sure the change is reconciled with your employers and their payroll company. This way, things like pay stubs and tax forms get to your mailbox when you need them. 

Financial Institutions  

Get in touch with your: 

  • Bank
  • Credit card companies
  • Credit unions
  • Credit reporting agency
  • PayPal
  • IRA/401k administrator
  • Investment account holders
  • Pension plans 
  • Loan institutions 
  • Accountant/ tax consultants 

…to determine how you can go about changing your address. 

Don’t forget about any loyalty programs or credit cards you may have with specific stores. Wouldn’t want to miss out on that Kohl’s Cash!

Subscriptions & Memberships

If you’re signed up to receive any monthly subscriptions like newspapers, magazines, food delivery, boxes, or other services, email or call their customer service department to switch your address. 

Involved in any clubs, organizations, or charities? Notify them of your new address if you wish to continue receiving mailers, coupons, invites, etc. 


  • Doctors, Dentists, Physicians, Chiropractors, Veterinarians… (this may require transferring medical records to new offices as well)
  • Attorney
  • Veterans Affairs 
  • Vehicle registration 
  • Drivers Licence 
  • Neighbors (it’s the neighborly thing to do!)
  • Friends and family (Consider sending out a “change of address card” or hosting a housewarming party)

As it is, there’s a lot involved in selling your home, buying a new home, and then moving. While it’s up to you to change your address, we can ensure the rest of the process is smooth and easy. Ask us about how we can help you sell your current home and/ or find you a new one.