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Experts In Raleigh Real Estate

We’ve been serving buyers and sellers in the Raleigh Real Estate market for over 20 years. You can trust our team of Raleigh real estate agents to guide you through your real estate buying or selling journey in a way that is both enjoyable and profitable. At Spencer Properties, we take pride in putting our real estate know-how to work for you–from the latest Raleigh market conditions to the ins and outs of the closing process and all the paperwork in between, we’re committed to delivering signature service and powerful results–it’s our motto!

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Lending a Knowledgeable and Friendly Hand

When it comes to choosing a Realtor®️, we know you have options. It’s important to understand the value a knowledgeable and experienced Realtor®️adds to the process when making a decision. At Spencer Properties, we pride ourselves on the benefits we’re able to offer our clients. Our industry expertise is unmatched in the Raleigh market today. We know the process from start to finish, we speak real estate lingo, we know the costly mistakes to avoid during transactions. Our industry expertise is one thing, our market expertise is another. We’ve been working within the Raleigh real estate market since 1997. Safe to say–we know the Raleigh real estate market like the back of our hands. When it comes to pricing your home for the current market or finding a Raleigh neighborhood that fits you and your family’s needs–there’s no one better for the job. Plus, we’ve built an extensive professional network of realtors, lenders, and other service providers all of which you can gain exclusive access to when you choose Spencer Properties.

We’re Raleigh Locals Serving The Local Raleigh Real Estate Market

It’s no secret that the Raleigh real estate market is one of the fastest-growing in the country. We’ve not only been a witness to the growth of the area, but we’ve also played a key role in growing it. We’re proud to have helped so many families establish roots in our own Raleigh community and would love to help you do the same. Selling your Raleigh home? You’re in luck, the market is hot and we know exactly how to sell in it.

A Note From Jennifer Spencer – Owner of Spencer Properties

“Our firm is unique and homegrown–raised right here in North Carolina. Building roots in the community and growing our team of specialized agents has been one of the most rewarding milestones for us at Spencer Properties. We believe it’s our local focus that makes us simply the best for real estate in the Raleigh area.”

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Meet Our Team

Jennifer Spencer, CRS, SFR, SPS
Jennifer Spencer, CRS, SFR, SPSOwner/Broker

Maybe you have already picked up on this from her photo, but there’s a warmth in Jennifer’s eyes that just makes you feel as though you are an immediate part of her circle. If you already know her, you know exactly what we are talking about. There are so many things that make Jennifer so special to her peers. But if you ask around, the overwhelming reply is that she truly listens to every word you say and you instantly become a fixture in her mind. Building a business like she has over the past 20+ years is far from easy, but the hand-selected group of professionals that surround her at Spencer Properties carefully ensures that her vision and goals are achieved … not to mention that they have a ridiculous amount of fun together!

Jennifer was born and raised in North Raleigh, right off of Honeycutt Road. Her roots run deep and she rarely meets a stranger – it’s also evident that her husband and four children are just as warm and friendly as she is. In this neck of the woods, there’s a Spencer family fan everywhere you turn. When Jennifer is ready for a little breather from her impressive to-do list, you can find her doing adventurous things like downhill skiing out west, traveling to some small village, or exploring our National parks. No matter what she’s doing though, you better believe that she has an adorable outfit, comfortable fantastic shoes, and a themed playlist perfectly coordinated for each and every outing.

Jennifer has a “Go Big or Go Home” outlook on life, she’s both an early riser and a night owl, and she is a mentor by nature. So yes, you could say that Jennifer put the Spencer in Spencer Properties, but we all know that it takes more than just a name: it takes a tremendous amount of heart, an unmatched level of loyalty, and true sacrifice to be the real deal. You’ll quickly see that anyone connected with Spencer Properties is an immediate member of the Spencer family, so welcome home!! Now go make sure your room is cleaned up, grab a fuzzy blanket, get ready for family movie night. Remember to grab your matching slippers, too. It’s always all-in at the Spencer’s.

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John Spencer
John SpencerOwner/Broker

People often refer to this guy as “John *The Mayor* Spencer” because he will talk to absolutely anyone and he is genuinely interested in each and every person he meets. But don’t think for a second that he is too busy to help – helping is his passion. John is the kind of guy that you can call to 1. catch and release a snake from your screen porch, 2. talk about grilling, boats, and skiing, and 3. meet in his workshop to build cool stuff like birdhouses (and other secret projects to aid in future snake captures). Little known fact: it was actually John’s idea to get involved in real estate investing over 20 years ago! He and Jennifer got their real estate licenses together, bought old houses and fixed them up to make nice homes for families who then rented them. It was like a home improvement show without all the cameras and fame! Seriously, he would have been the darling of the small screen, we just know it! (insert long heavy sigh) Oh well. Timing is everything.

John is originally from upstate New York – born in Buffalo, grew up in Syracuse and went to college at SUNY Geneseo where he was a competitive swimmer. He moved to (then from) Boston to North Carolina in the early 90’s. John traded his snow skis for water skis, began his career as a commercial real estate broker, and then worked as the Real Estate Director for the NC Railroad. He has slowly lost most of his distinctive upstate NY accent because when you marry a true southern girl like Jennifer, that tends to happen. He’s a very proud father of four, and according to his family, his “corny dad jokes” are both totally annoying and not at all entertaining. Every single time it snows, he asks everyone “hey guys – how does a penguin build a house?” And the kids all answer at the same time in monotone unison, “Igloos it together, Dad”. And with that, he exits the room with the biggest smile on his face, barely being able to save the next corny dad joke for tomorrow’s carpool.

John is the master of growing our business, nurturing our strategic alliances, and taking great care of our clients. It’s what makes the TEAM at Spencer Properties the best of the best. So if you see *The Mayor* while you are out, please introduce yourself! And if you hear a super personable guy in front of you in the grocery line, “just grabbin’ some milk on my way home”, he’s bound to tell the cashier to “leave the milk in the carton” when he’s asked if he wants his milk in a bag. Fair warning: if you let out even just a tiny chuckle, you’ll quickly find yourself invited to a mayoral-style networking group for ridiculous joke inventions. He’s that good.

Brooke Pancoast
Brooke PancoastSenior Listing Broker

How is it possible that you feel like you’ve known Brooke your whole life, but just met her? Well that’s because she has an amazing ability to connect with absolutely everyone she meets. Imagine it’s freshman year, and some random person grabs a seat next to you in class (it’s Brooke). What you didn’t know is that you just landed a friend for life … and she also knows everything for the test. That exact scenario happens with all of her clients – over and over again. So while Brooke was definitely not a chess major in school (not that we can tell anyway), she does have a keen ability to anticipate one killer strategy after another. She knows our market like few do because she gets to know *exactly* what her clients want, matches them perfectly, and wins them the home of their dreams. You just don’t find that level of commitment from everyone – and it’s evident that her clients are all #teambrooke.

Brooke lights up a room, she always has a hilarious story from one of the adventures of her three kids, and she’s the heart and soul of Spencer Properties. We are so lucky to have her as a Senior Listing Broker, and now we just need someone to teach her which way the little horsey moves from the black square on the chess board.

Misha Cashion
Misha CashionSenior Buyer Agent/Broker

So many adjectives could be used to describe Misha, and since she is a former teacher, we will also need to make sure that we spell them all correctly and use them properly.  Words like genuine, consistent, accessible, and kind will only scratch the surface. Misha is both patient and persistent – something about being a mother of four (one set of triplets!) will do that to you! She is most certainly a born nurturer, and her clients feel the warmth she exudes within seconds of meeting her. As a Senior Buyer’s Agent, Misha will be your biggest advocate during the home buying process, and she’s always listening to ensure that her clients have the very best experience possible.

Raised in North Carolina since she was nine years old, her expertise is unmatched when it comes to guiding her clients and serving as a resource – both in and out of real estate. She’s a fast friend, and an even better participant in the annual talent show at the Spencer Properties team planning retreat. Trust us when we say that having Misha on your team is a guaranteed win. Every time.

Andrea Giangrosso
Andrea GiangrossoBuyer Agent/Broker

Spencer Properties landed a gem when Andrea joined the team several years ago. She’s originally from California, but she has called North Carolina home for over a decade now. Andrea and her family enjoy vacationing in Hilton Head and spending quality time together. Her daughters will be in high school and college soon – so they love to soak up every ounce of family time they can find. Andrea is a skilled negotiator, fierce competitor, and a true client-focused broker. Being a mother of two girls does not define her, but it sure does influence her love of all things feminine and fashionable! However, don’t think for a second that she can’t fire off stat after stat of some Alabama football with (shocking) accuracy.

During the home buying process, Andrea will impress you with her knowledge and tenacity, and her dedication to your goals is truly unsurpassed. As a matter of fact, she always finds a way to make each and every client feel like a part of her family (regardless of your team loyalty). And trust us when we say Andrea has one fun and successful family … win/win.  And just because it makes her smile … “Roll Tide”.

Anne Marie Sajewicz
Anne Marie SajewiczListing Coordinator

If Anne Marie isn’t happy, then no one is happy. Thing is, she’s always happy! Anne Marie is an absolute lifeline to the listing side of the team at Spencer Properties – one could say that she actually knows it all! She is so pleasant to be around, she gets along with absolutely everyone she meets, and the stories about her husband, daughters, and extended family are so entertaining!

Anne Marie is originally from New York, so some of her favorite things to do involve colder weather: picking apples, making hot soups, and celebrating the winter holidays. And while she’s not big on being in the spotlight, Anne Marie is a star in the eyes of our clients and our team. If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to contact Anne Marie. She’ll always find a way to help you, and she’ll surely have a fantastic story to share along the way.

Paula Brantley
Paula BrantleySenior Buyer Agent & New Construction Specialist

There is no beginning and no end to the wealth of knowledge that Paula brings to the team at Spencer Properties. She’s been part of “the business” for longer than she wants us to share (honestly, we think it’s been erased from the internet somehow). If you’ve ever been part of a real estate transaction in our area, you are most definitely part of the 6 degrees of separation that no longer belongs to Kevin Bacon. It’s all Paula now. She is the glue of the entire Spencer Properties team, and her career-long relationships with builders and other brokers in our area make her the secret weapon that other firms do not have. They also don’t have her recipes. Only we get to enjoy those.

Paula’s connections and her insider knowledge pays off big time for her clients, and they keep coming back to her for their next home, or one for their family members. Paula cannot be matched in any form – and you’ll want her expertise on your side. She may even share a secret recipe or two. Ask for the cornbread first.

Kara Smith
Kara SmithExecutive Assistant/Marketing & Events Coordinator

If it has to do with marketing or special events at Spencer Properties, Kara is the driving force behind everything you see! She supports our team in every way with her meticulous attention to detail, her sharp wit for all things social media, and a keen gift of organization that seems to come so easily for her. Kara was born and raised at Wrightsville Beach, so the coast is her home and it’s truly her happy place (so is a great coffee spot, but that doesn’t have nearly the same ring to it). Kara coordinates all of our community involvement activities and heartwarming give-back initiatives, she orchestrates our social events so we can enjoy time with our clients and their families, and she ensures that the Spencer Properties team is running like a machine – is there anything she can’t do? Well if there is, we will just call on her identical twin sister to step in, I doubt we would even be able to tell the difference!

Kara is a bright start to every day here in the office, and she leaves us all with a smile each evening that makes us excited to see her again in the morning. She’ll greet you with the same friendliness, so stop by anytime for even just a little dose of Kara. It will be the best thing you do all day.

Mark Coleman
Mark ColemanListing Auditor & Inspection Analyst/BIC

The old adage “Measure twice, cut once” even falls short of Mark’s unparalleled attention to detail. We think he must measure at least five different ways before he executes the closing process with laser precision. When you combine his broad experience as a broker with the widest knowledge base of pretty much everything this side of the NC state line, you get happy and informed clients from contract to settlement. Mark is a proud veteran and family man, sharing stories about his wife and two children, and adorable stories (never too many) of his four grandkids that he absolutely adores.

He’s our resident trivia buff, almost unbeatable office chili-cookoff contestant, and avid woodworker who loves to share pictures of his projects upon completion. Everyone should have a Mark in their office, but you cannot have ours. He’s one of a kind. So come on in and try to stump him with a land survey question (won’t happen), get a notary document signed (he can stamp it like a boss), or just stop by to see the custom shuffleboard table topper he made by hand (flawless). Then challenge him to a game – it might be his only weakness.

Kelli McGuire
Kelli McGuireClosing Broker

There are very few people who can be a dedicated closing broker quite like Kelli can. The team concept for Spencer Properties is perfect for her because she can focus her efforts on doing what she loves – getting our clients to closing and making sure they are well taken care of during the process. Kelli is so far from average in every way … she’s not just a closing broker, but she’s also a paralegal (ideal for her role!), has a wicked determination to make sure all of our buyers and sellers are being kept in the loop at all times (you’ll feel like her only client!), and she leaves behind great props for us to use in our office shenanigans when she goes to visit her family back in New York (hysterical footage available upon request).

Kelli has an amazing way of helping make this process as smooth as possible because of her quick and accurate replies, amazing memory, and her calming personality. This is exactly why she earns those 5-star reviews – it’s just who she is. So if you want a closing team to get you from executed contract to the closing table, you’ve found the best of the best with Kelli. You’ll quickly see that she is truly one of a kind.

Paul Nelson
Paul NelsonField Manager/Property Manager

Have you seen that super fancy Spencer Properties van zooming around town? Well, behind the wheel of that spunky hog is our very own Paul Nelson! Officially, he is our Director of Field Operations, but unofficially, he is the coolest office-Dad we could have ever asked for. He takes care of each and every one of us to ensure our computers are in perfect working order, he always double checks to make sure we have plenty of coffee and snacks, and it never fails that the office phone rings around lunch time to see if he can pick anything up for us (did we just hear a collective “awwwww”? Thought so.) Paul is originally from the Midwest, he’s a die-hard Indiana University fan, and watching pro football is one of his favorite ways to pass the time!

His family also has a little home at the lake, and there is no place he’d rather be than spending some time totally hot-dogging on the jet ski so his kids can brag about his insane skills to all of their friends (insert teenager eye rolls here). There’s just something so special about Paul, but we have a hard time finding just one thing. He’ll always find a way to cheer you up, make you laugh, and lend a hand – at just the right time. So if you ever see that van zipping around town, be sure to roll down the window and give him a friendly wave. He just loves the attention and we’re pretty sure he makes it his goal to find a new friend on every outing.

Cori Payne
Cori PayneClosing Broker

Have you ever played the matching game? You know, flip over a card, then remember where the match is? Now imagine that all things real estate are under those cards. Cori wins every single time, without a single stumble. Her unmatched knowledge of the Spencer Properties firm dates back to the very beginning, so she is also the office history buff! If you think she knows history, you should see how much she knows about walking a client successfully from under contract to closed. She is one of the best (and calmest) Closing Brokers we have ever seen in the history of real estate!

Cori is a California native who grew up in a real estate household – and here’s a fun fact: she married her high school sweetheart and they have three great kids. We’ll gladly snag up any one of the Payne kids to carry on the family tradition, especially if they are anything like their mother. Cori’s warmth, compassion, and sense of humor should earn her the “ideal team member” award.

Sherri Lomas
Sherri LomasClient Care Coordinator

When you call our office, you will likely hear a genuinely warm and welcoming voice on the other end of line. And, before you know it, you may have told her your whole life story! You will immediately sense that Sherri is a person who truly cares about what you have going on… So go ahead, pull up a chair and get comfortable, she is ready to listen. Not only will you hear her sincere interest, but you will hear her lovely Southern drawl. She is a proud North Carolina native, born and raised in Charlotte.

Sherri and her husband have raised several fur babies together, a dog, a cat and a bird, but now they are empty nesters. So when they have time off, they flit around the state enjoying their big circle of friends. After you have chatted with Sherri, you will join that circle, so you better get the couch or the guest room ready, because they may stop by for a Southern style visit!