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Marbles Museum

Raleigh’s treasure for kids (and adults) is the Marbles Museum located in Downtown Raleigh on McDowell St in the middle of the business district. This museum is a fabulous experience for the entire family, but for kids it is magical. There is something here for every age! An ambulance with all the uniforms and attire needed for kids to pretend with… a farm with hens laying eggs that will then drop down a shoot for the kids to gather. So many opportunities!

Outside there is a great tree that kids can climb in, specifically designed for safety with strong branches, but also age specific.

A HUGE pirate ship, again with appropriate costumes, that allows any child to become Captain Hook, Blackbeard, Wendy, Tinker Bell or whatever your imagination will cook up. This adventure will become a lasting memory.

For the older children, a space room designed with a spacecraft and control station. Take a trip to the moon and back, or another area where a child can become a meteorologist, complete with a TV station to report the weather.

Need groceries? A supermarket complete with food items to put in your grocery cart, then head to the checkout line to take the role of a cashier or customer, or switch with your buddy when you’re out of money!

Next, head over to the giant Piñata and try your luck at breaking the ball for your big prize!

An aquarium filled with visual delights, a water experience complete with your flippers just for the frogman inside of you.

There is also a wonderful gift shop where you can purchase something to take home for a fun memory of your day. Don’t forget to stop by the snack bar to have lunch after you shop!

This museum will continue to delight you, visit after visit, finding something new each time and a great family outing for all. You can even buy a years pass at a discount so it is a small investment for a day of discovery, education, and laughter. Check out the Marbles Museum at

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